Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Self portrait series

So, after doing a few self portraits in the style of other artists, in a series of homages/ripoffs, I decided to keep on doing the same thing! Except now, I am going to do self portrait homage/ripoffs of some of my favorite comic book covers! To start this series, I decided to throw myself into Barry Windsor Smith's classic cover to "Conan the Barbarian" #1. As a kid I LOVED Conan; I grew up reading John Buscema drawn issues and Gary Kwapisz and Ernie Chan on "Savage Sword". I always wanted the first issue of Conan, but it was WELL out of my junior high price range, so I'd spend hours starring at a picture of the cover in my Overstreet Price Guide.....dreaming. As a result, the image took on a mythic quality; and to this day, when I see it, I get the same feeling I got when I was 13!