Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So, to continue my series of paintings featuring me in comic book covers I have loved over the years, I give you "the Atomics" #2. I first saw Mike Allred's art on the cover of Comic Shop News!, promoting the then upcoming Atomics comic book series. I was blown away by the shear energy and excitement of the image. At the time I was slowly getting back into comics after a 6 year lapse, and Mike's art was the boost I needed to get excited about this art form again! After reading the Atomics, I got every issue of Madman I could find and wrote Mike a letter telling him how much I liked his work. He sent me a postcard thanking me for the kind words, and thus began years of correspondence. I know it's cliche to say that Mike Allred is the "nicest guy" in comics, but it is TRUE!! Over the years Mike and I have e-mailed each other and then last year I finally had the pleasure of meeting him and Laura at the Neon Monster in San Francisco and they greeted me with big hugs. People this talented aren't usually this friendly and open, but the Allreds buck the norm!

So, anyway, here is my self portrait version of the classic "The Atomics" #2...

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