Sunday, December 5, 2010

PINK card sales...ONLINE version!!!

Allright! Listen up you thoughtful people. I am selling cards to raise money for my sister who is fighting breast cancer at our annual AMONG FRIENDS art sale. If you can't make it and would still like to purchase a packet of 10 greeting cards, please use my PAYPAL acount and order some! Chose from the designs I have featured here, they are $25.00 for a packet of 10 and ALL of the proceeds (minus PAYPAL's fee and shipping) go to my kid sister's cancer battle! To send money, just go to, login in, click "send money", and enter my e-mail, and then send me the money for the cards!!! Also, e-mail me and tell me what cards you want and where to send them. Thanks!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last round o'PINK images....

Okay...this is the last post of images I am going to do for my fundraiser card sale. I hope you all can make it to the sale, if not, please contact me and buy some cards over the internet. ALL of the money I make off of the sale of these cards goes to my sister to help pay for her medical bills. For those of you who are new to this, my sister has stage 2 breast cancer; she underwent a full masecotomy and a partial hysterectomy. She is currently under going chemotherapy and THEN when she is done with that, she'll have to have radiation treatment. So, please come to our AMONG FRIENDS ART SALE. I am selling the cards as a fundraiser and my friends Connie Norman and Maura Jacobsen are raffling off some great pottery to raise money for my sister too!! The sale will be December 9, 10, 11. The Among Friends are Connie Norman, Maura Jacobsen, and me. This year our show will be at The Artful Hand Gallery, 302 East 1st Ave.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink is the new PINK

Here are a couple more images from the greeting card sets I am selling to raise money to help pay for my sister's medical bills. You like 'em? Then come buy them Dec.9-11 at the AMONG FRIENDS ART SALE!!!!

Or contact me through the electro-mail and I will sell you some over the computer machine!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Connie Norman

Hey gang! My friend Connie Norman is also doing a fundraiser for my sister. You can buy raffle tickets with paypal!! Check out the info on her blog!!!

Pink is my favorite crayon!

Here are two more images for my fundraiser. Don't know what I'm talking about...look below SUCKA!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More pink art!!

For those of you who forgot, my little sister is fighting the fight of her life, cancer. And she is kicking it's worthless ass. So, to help raise money to fund her fight, I am selling PINK cards at this year's AMONG FRIENDS art sale. Here is one inspired by that legand (wait for it) ary, master Dad!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another pink image

Here's another PINK card selection, from my fundraiser for my sister's battle against cancer.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Art Sale

Hey gang! It's time again for our annual Among Friends art sale. This year I am doing something abit different. My sister Heather is currently kicking the shit out of the cancer in her body, but it ain't, to help out with her medical costs, I am selling cards with pink images. All of the proceeds from the sale of these cards go to my amazingly brave sister. So come on you cold hearted bastards, loosen those purse strings and buy some cards!!! Every blog post from now until the sale will feature a pink card image. Dig!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Among Friends 2010!!

Well, it's that time of year again. Stores have been playing Christmas music since October 31st, at 11:59 pm, the weather is snowy one day and spring like the next, and we are planning our annual art sale! This year looks like it might be the best one yet! We've got some amazing artists on the roster and a great location. The sale will be December 9, 10, 11. The Among Friends are Connie Norman, Maura Jacobsen, and me. This year our show will be at The Artful Hand Gallery, 302 East 1st Ave. And we have a couple of guest artists Georgia Roswell, Mixed Media & Paper, Jennifer Rife, Silk Fiber Coil baskets, Kelley Jones, Mixed Media Figurative Kinetic Sculptures, and Heather Fetsco, Jewerly. If you live in the Cheyenne area, stop on by and say hello, and BUY ART!!!
We will be a part of Cheyenne’s Art, Design and Dine Art, December 9, 5PM – 8PM. Art, Design & Dine features local galleries, businesses, and dining options in downtown Cheyenne Wyoming, every second Thursday of the month. It's going to be big!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm back!

Hey! For the 5 of you how "follow" my blog, I am back. I've been hard at work on my original graphic novel that I am writing and illustrating all by my lonesome; 3/4 of the way finished! Halloween is coming up, and I am going to be Ash Williams from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. So to get in the mood, I decided to draw Ash teaming up with my fav, Mike Allred's Madman! Come get some!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

St. Mary's (old) School

This is the old, run down and now tore down St. Mary's Catholic School here in Cheyenne. My little boy went here one year and was heart broken when the demolished the old building. Now, in it's place, sits a BEAUTIFUL, empty dirt lot...progress(?)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home of the Shamrock!

Grub's...what can be said about this delicious burger joint in my hometown of Rock Springs. Burgers so greasey that clear gold leaks out of the burger on the plate. Amazing homemade fries dipped in beef gravy. Chocolate shakes that are so thick and cold....mmmmmm.
With my folks retiring and leaving Rock Springs, I guess I am starting to get a bit nostalgic for the town and my old haunts.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Rock in the Rock

As a kid in Rock Springs, we had 3 movie theaters, a total of 4 screens. The White Mountain Twin was the newest one, and nicest; but even that description is subjective! The Rock and the Cinema were across the street from each other downtown; they were the OLD theaters. I remember they each had a distinct, musty smell and were in ill repair. The Cinema was always missing ceiling tiles, and the few that it had in place were water stained and gross! I remember as a kid, thinking that Gremlins were going to come out of the holes in the ceiling! Which made watching "Spies Like Us" a distracted and scary experience. In the late 90s, the theaters got bought out and refurbished....but, they were still shitholes! But they were shitholes with a lot of history and good memories. They were OUR shitholes.
This is the Rock, looking like it did when my sister and I sat (and started) the line for "The Phantom Menace". We sat in line for 14 hours just to witness the magic that was Jar Jar least the memory of waiting in line was good!