Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Rock in the Rock

As a kid in Rock Springs, we had 3 movie theaters, a total of 4 screens. The White Mountain Twin was the newest one, and nicest; but even that description is subjective! The Rock and the Cinema were across the street from each other downtown; they were the OLD theaters. I remember they each had a distinct, musty smell and were in ill repair. The Cinema was always missing ceiling tiles, and the few that it had in place were water stained and gross! I remember as a kid, thinking that Gremlins were going to come out of the holes in the ceiling! Which made watching "Spies Like Us" a distracted and scary experience. In the late 90s, the theaters got bought out and refurbished....but, they were still shitholes! But they were shitholes with a lot of history and good memories. They were OUR shitholes.
This is the Rock, looking like it did when my sister and I sat (and started) the line for "The Phantom Menace". We sat in line for 14 hours just to witness the magic that was Jar Jar least the memory of waiting in line was good!